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  JimCo Worldwide is the tiny editorial business I've set up to do freelance editorial and publishing work. It is also a test project for developing my HTML skills.

Welcome to JimCo Worldwide, another sporadic episode in the continual development of my personal web page. Rather than viewing this a a static document, like a brochure, I'm treating this wad of pages more like a bulletin board, with new stuff added on now and then. (Click on the News link for updates.) I've purposely kept them plain, since I'm no designer and don't wish to burden you with background images, midi files, or little Java toys.

What follows is a selection of subpages, often with useful links to sites around the Web. Come on in and take a look around.

Clicking on the globe will take you back to the index from any page.

Disclaimer: Pages subject to change without notice. Contents may have settled during shipping. Do not take internally.

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