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Why do I Own These CDs List

Since Adam is nearly done (finally!) with his top 25 list, here is my top ten Why? list. A list consisting of the ten discs I'm not sure why I own, or why I even bought. We've all got discs like these. Let's be brave and figure oout what I've got and why.

  • The Cure: Pictures of You CD5. I really don't know why I have this. Probably mooning over some woman or something. I'm on the record for not liking the cure at all, except for a song or two, and this isn't even one of them. Do I care that it has four live tracks? Nope. Can I remeber the last time I listened to it? No. I can't even remeber when I bought it. Yick.
  • Prince: Scandalous Sex Suite. I've got to admit, I don't think I ever listened to the whole thin (the suite). Sure, I've listened to When 2 R in Love, the most released Prince song, and Sex (which happens to be a good B-side, although a little too long (when was the last time any of use said that about sex?). Nineteen minutes of Scandalous, a second-rate Prince make-out song, which isn't as nearly as good as Damn You or Sweet Baby. Ugh.
  • We now come to the really obvious section of the list: Public Enemy singles. Originally I thought Brothers Gonna Work It Out would lead the pack, but then I realized it had the uncensored, extended Anti-Nigger Machine, PowerSaxx, and The Enemy Assult Vehicle Mixx. I dare to blaspheme the Summer Slammer? No, not me. Sorry, this one is a keeper.
  • On the other hand, the Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya Man single gets the nod. Sure, it has the Get The Fuck Outta Dodge track (?) on it, but why did I buy it? Did we think Fear of a Black Planet was going to be so good that I had to buy the single? Can I get my money back? Is this a collector's item yet?
  • Speaking of being let down, I even bought the Can't Truss It single, from Apocalypse '91, The Enemy Strikes Back. Atleast I didn't buy the album. I can't even bring my self to throw this in the changer to see what it sounds like.
  • ABC: Up. 1989, probably winter. OK, I liked ABC. Did I think this album would put them back in the charts? Sure. I bought it without hearing it at all. Just saw it on the shelf, didn't even know they had an album coming out. OK, never more than now is ok, but that hardly makes an album. I think I taped this and listened to it a couple of times on the way to work, even. Never since then, though.
  • Prince: Lovesexy. I've never listened to the whole thing, just Alphabet Street several times and I wish you heaven once or twice. Perhaps it is because this album is indexed as one song? I don't think I'm missing anything, either.
  • Genesis: Live: The Way we Walk: Volume Two: The Longs. OK, here's the story. I once heard Driving The Last Spike on a jukebox in a bar, and I like Dance on a Volcano when I hear it on the radio, so I thought I'd give this disc a whirl. Eh. Maybe I should listen to the studio version of Spike. Otherwise, I have no idea why I still own this. If Adam wants it, he can have it.
  • Fleetwood Mac: Greatest Hits. Except for having Tusk on disc, I can't see why I needed this. I probably got it from a cd club offer. You hear most of this stuff at one time or another on the radio, so I rarely listen to it at all.
  • Requiem for the Lost Americas-Songs From the Lost World: Jonathan Elias. Let me think. I think I saw an ad for this in Rolling Stone, and saw that it had Jon Anderson on it. I must not have taken a risk on anything in the cd store recently. It was a groovy black on black disc with cave paintings on it. I have no idea who Mr. Elias is. Contains some spoken-word stuff in Dakota. OK, it is not that bad, really, I just don't know why I own this, or why it was ever made. Ever look at the cut-out bin at the store and see cds by artists that you've never heard of and never went anywhere? How did they get recording contracts? Who decided their stuf was worth releasing? Weird selection of people working together (Within the Lost World has Jon Anderson, Grace Jones, Jeff Porcaro, Tony Levin, and Warren Cuccurullo playing together. Actually, there is good stuff on this cd, but why?
  • Bruce Springsteen's Greatest Hits. Aside from one really good new song, This Hard Land, which, acording to what I've heard, ain't so new at all, this disc could have been much better. Hell, I just should have bought Born in the USA, Born to Run, and Wild, Innocent.... The track selection couold even be argued by non-Bruce fans like me. Should have been 2 discs.

OK, that wasn't so bad after all. Not too many true turds in the bunch.


Well, that's it. Questions and comments are welcome.

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