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A description or device, once placed at the end of a manuscript or book, containing details of its publication (eg, name of author, printer, title, date and place of printing). By the late fifteenth century, much of this information was given on the title page.

Several of these web pages were created originally in SimpleText back in mid-1994. After HomePage 2.0 came out, I switched away from text-based editing except for fine-tuning the HTML when it needs it, or I'm using a tag that HomePage 2.0 doesn't have. After I bought an iMac, I've been using PageMill 3.0 and am transitioning over to GoLive. These pages were originally on my AOL account. I'm trying to keep them rather simple, hoping to make the content more interesting than the presentation. I'll leave the over-wrought presentations to others.

All pages were made on a Mac, either my old Performa 550, my 540c, or my Rev. B iMac.

This site is hosted by the fine people at Dreamhost.

I process my access logs with Analog to see just who you people are and what you are coming here for.

Finally got the main page and the others to validate as HTML 4.01 Transitional.

Valid HTML 4.01!

Thanks for being curious and looking behind the scenes to see what the man behind the curtain is doing. Any comments and questions can be directed to me via e-mail.

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