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I was born in the southern suburbs of Chicago (Park Forest, to be exact), went to college in a small town in Iowa, and am now married and living on the north side of Chicago (in Lakeview) for 10 years.

I've been on the web since early 1994. Does this make me an old-timer when it comes to the internet? I began using computers in seventh grade. I've been using Apples since 1980, and a Mac since 1987.

I started out as an editor many years ago and have moved into web publishing. My resume is available for your viewing pleasure.

About Ivory Tower

Ivory Tower started out as a college nickname, and I began using it for my AOL screenname way back in 1993 when I bought my first Mac, a Performa 550 (I've just recently cancelled the account but moved the old site here). I've used it in various forms since then. It is rather uncommon; at least I thought it was when I finally got around to seeing if the domain name was available. Once prices dropped in the last year or so, I set out to see what was available.

Looks like www.ivorytower.com is just another holding place out there. Nothing aside from an e-mail like to a webmaster.

www.ivorytower.org is an active site, and appears to be some sort of Quebec based water filtration sales joint. I can't be too sure, because my French isn't so good. Just a couple of large gifs and some contact information.

www.ivorytower.net just forwards to an ISP's corporate page.

www.ivory-tower.com is for Ivory Tower Ltd in Cambridge, England, offering "network consultancy, project management, wine consultancy". Well, that's a bit more swanky than this site, but a nice combination of consultancy offerings, and rather civilized at that.

www.ivory-tower.net is some sort of Flash-loaded Elven thing. There's info about raves in Texas, some mouse-following dhtml, some sort of goth RPG stuff, art, poetry, astrology, and an almost empty BBS.